1969 Plymouth Road Runner


Tommie was op zoek naar een nette “driver”; geen perfect gerestaureerde auto, maar een nette, technisch goede auto; “instappen en rijden”
Hij had een aantal eisen:
- Budget van +/- € 25.000,-
- 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner
- 4-bak handgeschakeld
- coupe ( geen hardtop )
- geen roest
- mocht géén airco hebben
Binnen een week had ik zijn gewenste auto gevonden, in Duitsland!! Een 1969er Roadrunner, matching numbers, 383 cubic inch bigblock, met handgeschakelde vierbak; Auto is nog voorzien van de fendertag, een zogenaamd typeplaatje op het linkerbinnenscherm, waarop diverse optiecodes staan; hieraan is de originaliteit af te leiden.


So you found Marcel? This dude is the most powerful magnet for vintige iron, so he WILL find your car! Just tell him your demands and he’ll come up with something.
As so with my ‘69 Plymouth Roadrunner. I was in search for quite a while untill I called Marcel to help me out. Almost immediately he found me about 5 cars whithin my demands. They weren’t quite what I was looking for so the search kept on going for about 3 weeks. That’s the moment Marcel showed me this Roadrunner which suited me perfect. Marcel did all the international contacting with the owner at that time and got me more info about the car. I went to have a look and it was exactly what I’ve been told. A solid body, matching numbers 383 and a 4-speed. Perfect!!
This is just 1 example of the 4 cars he found me. These cars are not the ones you find around every corner. I’m talking about a ‘68 Plymouth Satellite, ‘67 Dodge Charger, and a ‘62 Plymouth Belvedere.
It takes someone who is up to date in this business and Marcel is without a doubt!
So if you are in search of your dream on wheels, contact Marcel! Straight forward and no messing around. He WILL help you out!
Thanks again!
 Tommie Bouwdewijns, Gemert


Tommie Bouwdewijns
december 25, 2014
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